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Bye-Bye #ChangeMakers: Straumann, Corona and me….change is evident.

Disclaimer: This post was originally published on LinkedIn on June, 22nd, 2020

Last week I experienced #Corona from a new perspective:

Based on some estimations on coming market development in dentistry, my employer decided to cut something around 10% of the jobs, more or less 660 people in all departments. And as every department also #HR was affected. This is where I came in: I was informed that my role was also part of the lay-offs. Sad but true.

So here is the news: I am back on the market. Looking for my #nextchallenge in #TalentAcquisition, #Recruiting, #EmployerBranding, #HRTechnology.

I am thankful and proud when I look back at my time at #Straumann. We achieved many good things together:

  • When I started my assignment at the end of 2016 we were 3.200 colleagues – nearly 8.000 colleagues worked for the company in 2020 before the Virus stopped the growth. More than doubling the size in 3.5 years – quite a challenge. The majority of them were hired, not acquired…and some of these hirings will have their place in my #recruiter memories and heart forever. So many bright and smart people.

  • Building up a globally-used state-of-the-art and integrated recruiting infrastructure including #ActiveSourcing, #ATS, #VideoOnDemand, #OnlineAssessments, and some more cool tools – the best set I ever built (and I did this a couple of times…)

  • Increased the number of incoming applications more than 40% -> the company was recognized as an employer-of-choice and showed up in the popular rankings for the first time.

  • Developed the #ChangeMakers Employer Branding with very limited resources which is used today for many other things in the Group;-)

  • #SocialMedia activities of @straumannjobs with successful accounts on #Twitter, #Facebook, #Instagram, #Pinterest, and more. Unfortunately, I could not bring it to the level I wanted it to be.

  • I had the good fortune to lead the Groups International #GraduateProgram and accompany many unique talents in their early career and to support them as a coach and mentor.

  • Contact with thousands of inspiring and talented people who love to be part of Straumann Group.

  • Worked together with exceptional HR colleagues all over the globe, supported, trained, and developed Recruiting and Employer Branding in China, India, Brazil, Canada, Iran, Singapore, UK, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the US, and many other countries.

This is more than I expected when I started. However, I will miss many of my peers, partners, and other people in Dentistry. And this includes also many who left before I did. It was an honor and experience to work with them. 

I leave without anger and want to thank every one of you for your support and service, for the good vibes and the fun. For trust and friendship. Keep going, folks, as I will. Straumann will hopefully return fast to old strength and growth again and then continue to invest in Employer Branding and TA because it´s an important function for every company.

Beside my Straumann role, I founded with my gifted friend and Employer Branding Maniac, Martin Maas, a small side project, which was born at the Vienna HR BarCamp and we call it Time4Hires ( and if you need some advice on your employer branding and TA activities – we are happy to help. ;-)

As you know, I am a huge fan of #SharingIsCaring: if you stumble across something that might be interesting for me, be nice and drop me a line. I don´t exclude anything because now it´s a unique chance to explore everything – and I will make use of that. It´s highly appreciated!

Let´s stay connected. #StandUp, #Engage, #TakeCare of yourself, and #StayHealthy! See you!

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