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First things first: Fix your Candidate Experience

Fall is the award season of the year. Everywhere shiny cups are handed into the hand of exceptional Employer Branding Experts. Cool! Congrats! Very well done.

Unfortunately, you can win prices and awards for your Employer Branding or HR Marketing as much as you want. If the underlying basics are not working the best campaign or EVP is lost. I am speaking about candidate experience or CX

These days I am enjoying the privilege to experience how companies treat candidates. Folks, it's 2020 and I can tell you: It is still a horror what candidates experience in most cases.

Complex, illogical processes, technological deserts, long reaction times, arrogance, no reactions, standard templates - you name it because it's all there. Recruitment is sales, even in times of COVID and if you are a recruiter or HR manager and don't understand this: look for another job. Talent in wrong role. Period.

I am often ashamed of my guild, is it so hard to step into your candidates shoes? By the way the same question is going to hiring managers. Have you forgotten how it was when you were looking for a job? Who is responsible for this?

Beside the fact that I am a strong believer that acting kind and positive should be part of everyone's education, I see Recruitment Management in the driver seat here. Designing a candidate- (=customer)oriented infrastructure, processes and setting up needed trainings can help. Even in times where automation steps and help my fellow recruiters doing there business you can build an experience that is polite, appreciative and professional. And the best thing: it is no rocket science. Easiest way? Learn from others. Must not be recruiters. Whenever you experience an exceptional customer service take a minute and think about what and how they are doing this. And then adapt. So easy.

Need a starting point? Read the post by Melissa Morse at HR daily advisor Blog: Simple Ways to Fix Your Candidate Experience

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