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Network Power: Do´s and Don´ts to leverage your networks for jobsearch

I read a good article on Forbes from career counselor Robin Ryan which I want to share with you. Robin explains how to make the best use of your valuable connections when you are looking for a job.

Many companies are operating very successful employee referral programs. In fact, these programs deliver usually the best hiring quality.

Three reasons why referral recruiting is so successful

Why? That´s easy: The referrer is highly interested to refer matching candidates because of three reasons:

  1. Her or his reputation in the company is at risk when you refer weak candidates. This can happen once but if it happens more often it will definitely fall back on the referral giver.

  2. He or she has a valid interest not to refer someone to a job where this person is not a good match. In the worst case, lose you loose a friend or a good connection. So the reputation against the person who is referred is at risk.

  3. Rewards, Baby! Isn't it a great feeling if you are awarded for doing something good? Yes, it is and people love it. Nobody is against some extra money or presents.

Bonus point: Companies love it as well. As said, the hiring quality is usually better and....and this is a big "and" is probably the cheapest way to hire new employees if you compare it to Job boards, Agencies and all the other channels companies pay a lot of money when looking for new team members.

Don´t be shy but act professionally

How? Read the article on Forbes to find it out:

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