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On request: My HR reading list. Incomplete, subjective, and maybe way too long.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn on May 29, 2020.

This week I was hosting an hour-long online session about #PersonalBranding for HR as part of my Digital Recruiter tutorship. I mentioned that it is crucial to know what is going on in your industry when you want to be recognized as an expert and I explained that I use Feedly to organize my daily reading list (which is huge). Some people ask me to share it which I do here with pleasure. For sure this list is incomplete and tailored to my very personal interest and reading style. However, some people might find it useful.

My preferences? I love Blogs where I can learn. By purpose focused on Recruiting, Employer Branding, and HR-IT. I don’t need poems and flowers, philosophical essays, and glossy marketing presentations. I am a simple mind: Give me hard facts, tips, tricks, workarounds, “how-to’s”, checklists and I am happy. I value the effort and work all of the writers invest in their Blogs and want to give big Kudos to all of them. You rock!

Personally, I am not a huge fan of podcasts even if they are "the big thing” at the moment (probably because they are easy to produce). It’s not because they are bad or boring. The reason is much simpler: Obviously I am not in my 20s anymore and for me, it’s the best way to fall asleep, no matter how exciting the content is.

For those who are not listed here: it’s nothing personal. Obviously I just forget to list you here, drop my a note and I will add your blog if it is so amazing as I think.

I am also happy to learn about blogs or platforms I am not aware of. So if you know something: share it in the comments, in German or English - up to you, because sharing is caring as we all know. ;-)

Here we go:


Puuh, that was more than I remembered. Not all of the listed are blogs and some are not maintained very well, however, I rate them as a useful source of hiring wisdom.

As said: If you are missing something feel free to add it in the comments. And now enjoy and read! ;-)

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