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Twitter, X? Is Bluesky the white knight?

Unfortunately, Twitter, or "X", as "Mighty Musk" wants us to call his new acquisition, is becoming increasingly unattractive to me. Platform moderation is effectively no longer taking place, Mr. Musk is unfortunately showing his dark side more and more, and functions are being curtailed. We are witnessing a billionaire expertly dismantling one of his toys. And we, as loyal users, are losing an important social platform.

So far, there have been no real alternatives and most of them have quickly disappeared from the market or do not offer competitive usability, such as Mastodon. Mark Zuckerberg's "Threads" cannot be used in Europe and let's be honest: do we expect better from Zuck?

Bluesky seems to be the first serious new harbor for many frustrated X users. Built by many Twitter alumni, you immediately feel at home on the platform. As access to the platform is by invite only, it's not really overcrowded yet, but the artificial scarcity of access alone creates a hype that reminds me of Clubhouse (or even earlier Google Wave).

But it's nice at Bluesky. So if you're also there: I'm looking forward to networking. And if you still need an invite, get in touch with me - I still have one.

As you can see - except for the username, @marcusfischer was already taken - I'm staying true to the style - now simply as

See you there? I would be delighted!

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